Some conferences the club organized

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The Club is proud to offer workshops and conferences, which are presented on Monday evenings after our weekly meetings. Ranging from our classic « How to protect yourself from the cold in winter » to complete narratives of the conquest of some of the world’s highest peaks, we have a big variety of conferences, but they all have in common the passion of the people who share them with you.

Keep an eye out for the conferences on our calendar, they’re really worth it!

If you too have an outdoor experience you wish to share with other passionate people, please use the « contact » button on the website (we are an non profit organization, please don’t send us any commercial proposals!)

Here are some examples of the conferences we have offered since 2012:

Affiche pour la conférence de Louis Rousseau pour le club de plein air l'aval


Conférence de Maxime Jean sur le K2



PS: Merci à Geneviève Poiré pour avoir rendu ces beaux moments possibles !