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A few words about the outdoor Club L’Aval

Club L’Aval came into being from the enthusiasm of a group of friends for outdoor activities. These fanatics of white-water sports and preserved nature, thanks to Université Laval’s solid support, gave the club the energy which has been driving it for more than four decades.

The club was founded on January 25th 1971 under the name « Club de canot-kayak-camping de l’Université Laval ». It became the « Club de canot-kayak-camping L’AVAL » on November 5th, 1979, and « Club de plein air L’AVAL » (L’AVAL outdoor club) on September 5th, 1989.

What is Club L’AVAL today?

It’s an outdoor club which unites nature lovers who like to meet up to practice various activities such as canoeing, hiking, cross-country skiing (in and off track), telemark, cycling, snowshoeing around Quebec city, in the Charlevoix region, and sometimes further away. Activities usually take place during weekends and bank holidays. We sometimes take advantage of the university reading weeks in October and March to organize longer excursions. The Club offers activities all year round, whatever the season. It addresses beginners and seasoned participants, students from Laval University, members of the university community and any other people with a passion for outdoor sports in the Quebec city region.

Becoming a member is great way to practice activities in the wild and meet exciting people!

A love of sports and adventure, and the appeal of some of Quebec’s most beautiful scenery are a few good reasons to come and join the Club. Once you get a taste of it, you will want to come back for more!

Who are we?

  • People who enjoy meeting others to practice the outdoor activities they love.
  • People for whom outdoors rhymes with pleasure and team spirit.
  • New comers who want to learn new tricks for outdoors, and discover new places around Quebec (and further)
  • Passionate organizers who want to share their knowledge
  • People who care about the protection and conservation of natural sites and their inhabitants
  • People who believe that they feel much better when they’re outdoors…
  • By the way, all of our Club members and organizers are volunteers. Don’t hesitate to come and see us if you’d like to get involved!

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