Instructions to rent equipment at the PEPS rental shop

french version

Our agreement with the PEPS enables us to offer you cheap fees to rent equipment for activities with the Club (these prices are exclusively for activities organized by Club l’Aval).

Here are some indications for equipment rental:

During the Club meeting on Monday:

  • Ask the organizer to give you a rental sheet
  • Which you will fill in (don’t hesitate to ask the activity organizer if you have any questions)
  • Return the filled in sheet to the organizer who will bring it to the PEPS rental shop after the meeting

For activities which take place on week-ends, the equipment must be collected on Thursday evening or Friday, as the rental shop is closed during the week-end!

  • The PEPS rental shop is in University Laval’s PEPS building, room 0350 on level 0 (you’ll need to pass the main turnstile on level 1: tell the main desk you are going to the rental shop): there’s a link to the map of Level 0 here
  • Give the shop attendant your name and the activity you are participating in
  • The fixed price for most rentals is 15$ to which is added a deposit (the price of the deposit varies depending on the equipment, the activity organizer will give you the rate)
  • Please note the rental shop only accepts cash payments for the rental fee and deposit (there is an ATM on the level 1 of the PEPS before the turnstile)
  • Collect you equipment and check that it is complete and in good condition

The following Monday (before the weekly meeting)

  • Return the equipment, dry and in good condition
  • If there has been any trouble with the equipment, please notify the activity organizer and the shop attendant
  • Don’t forget to collect your deposit


The PEPS Rental Shop opening hours:

For information, these are the usual opening hours of the PEPS shop:

  • Mondays to Fridays: 8am to 4:15 pm

You should go at least 30 minutes before the closing time (as the shop attendant usually prepares the equipment in the evenings, so you may find the door closed)